With the painting and the furniture aspect of my work there is a form of continuity attached to it , the paintings are a product of travel, seeing and feeling our world... the furniture is a process of functional design ideas.

Whereas my sculptural pieces seem to be produced from some deep unconscious well of creativity. I never set out to produce a piece of sculpture, they must present themselves to me. On occasion the material itself is the catalyst for the thought process.

There is no doubt that, as in the other aspect of my work they are related to the natural world around us... there are times when the meaning of the piece is not revealed to me until the work is finished... and there are times that I dont really unterstand the true reason as to why such a concept was presented to me.
Which is revealing one of the mysteries of artists... that we dont always know what and why we are doing somethings.
Hence the expression occasionally heard from artist.
" I will leave the interpretation of my work to the viewer."

Kevan Collett


A selection of sculptural pieces

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Medium: Primodial Siltstone and Jarrah. Sold



Medium: Jarrah with steel and quartz river stone. Sold


Form in Soap Stone

Medium: Soap Stone on black granite base. Collection of the Artist


Anguish of the Tree Spirit

Medium: Jarrah Root with pit fired hand formed clay.
Collection of the Artist



The Well.

Medium: Jarrah Burl with steel and brass.



Medium: Soap stone on brass bass.
Collection of the Artist




Time Line.

Medium: Jarrah with Primodial siltstone stainless steel on red granite base. POA



Medium: Jarrah root on jarrah base, primodial siltstone with hand formed Italian marble ball.


The Balance

Medium: Jarrah Root with hand formed Italian Marble ball. Sold



Medium: Steel, Stainless Steel Brass & copper on Black Granite base. POA

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