The Furniture of Kevan Collett

For me making furniture is something that I have always done... since I was at school really. Through the years it was done more as a necessity than anything else. If we needed a dinning room table I made one.

Now, I make furniture when some design or feature idea enters my head . I like to use timber combined with other materials such as steel, stone or marble. I try and use the timber to show its natural beauty and features, finishing the work in natural timber oils allows the timber to age with grace and beauty.... Kevan Collett


A small selection of pieces. click the image for a larger view.


Marri Dining Suit.

Medium: Marri slab timber with steel legs and Italian marble insert. Sold


Marri Hall Stand.

Medium: Marri timber with formed steel Italian marble insert and Indian Ebony inlay. Sold


Jarrah Hall Stand.

Medium: Jarrah Slab, with She-oak, formed steel legs with inserted crystals. Sold


Coffee Table.

Medium: Jarrah and Camphor Laurel . Artist collection.



Natural Edge Dining Table. 2.3m x 1.1m

Medium : Jarrah Slab on Jarrah Legs. POA


Kitchen Work Block

Medium : Marri with multiple timber ends with hand formed steel handles and Indian ebony inlay. Sold



"The Traveller." Hall Stand.

Medium: Jarrah with grey granite insert on steel and brass legs. POA


Black Pearl Coffee Table

Medium: Jarrah with Black Pearl Granite insert on steel legs. POA





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