The sun rises on a crisp cold desert morning on the central outback Australian mining city of Broken Hill.
Lisa Freeman sits in a drug haze on the outskirts of the city, she pulls up the worn collar of her jacket against the cold watching detached, as the sun picks its way through the white gums and flicks the quartz rocks on and off as it climbs its way up the waste heaps on its way to another scorching day… she waits for a ride out of the city; a ride that will change her life forever. 
 Lisa’s newfound peace and calm is suddenly shattered when Simon Baxter the mysterious driver of the large black van that plucked her out of her misery suddenly disappears from the moving vehicle, after crossing the Darling River at Wilcannia blocking the major artery between east and west.
 It soon becomes clear the driver is still very much in control and seemingly behind a series of events which provoke international news. Lisa finds herself the centre of this media attention when it appears she has been miraculously cured of her addiction and is the only person that actually knows the stranger. She finds protection and love from a most unlikely source in Molly, a psychic and Aboriginal elder and Greg Hammond a senior police constable.
 Dubbed the truth Van where miracle cures happen on one hand and politicians avoid at all cost for fear of being forced to tell the truth.
Despite all his efforts the Australian Prime Minster becomes trapped in the Van and on his release attempts to reveal secrets that will topple governments across the world.
There are no limits to what men will do to stay in power


The Black Van by Kevan Collett.

Published by Raider Publishing Internation. NY.

ISBN: 978-1616672201

Now Available .

The Black Van will be available in Australia through Collins Bookstore, Angus and Robertson,

Dymocks, Amazon, Kindle, B&N, online and selected internation bookstores world wide.