The unbelievable colour and contrast of our northwest was what prompted me to attempt painting in 1983 while on long service leave from my day job as a Commonwealth Meat inspector… it was our first trip around Australia. Knowing nothing about painting I decided on watercolour because I thought it would be easier to wash the brushes. My first attempts were at Lake Argyle… and needless to say it was a total disaster.

Never having a great affinity to schooling and class rooms the thought of seeking formal training never really entered my head. Hence the absence of long lists of letters and qualifications on my resume.
But of course there was a necessity to acquire some knowledge, so my own training came in the form of studying the technique’s and methods of the worlds greatest watercolourist past and present. From then on I was freed from the bounds and constraint of what should or should not be done with watercolour, it allowed me to develop my own style and techniques.

Over the 25 year I have continued to experiment with different application methods and materials… I always look for the impossible and try to think beyond where I have been before. Watercolour is such a demanding and challenging medium, that needs a certain type of mindset … defiance and impatience… An impatience to spend hours labouring over a work. But it does bring it’s own rewards… it’s explosive spontaneity the crisp vibrant colours and that translucence that sets watercolours apart from other mediums.

These are the things that I strive for at all times.


Kevan Collett


During the first few months that I started to paint, I became concerned that I would run out of things to paint. But painting opened my eyes to the world…I now notice the smallest detail. The sun catching a leaf as it falls from a tree, the tiniest droplets of water turned on by the morning light to become fairyland crystals… The instant that the pod explodes with a slight puff of wind sending the seeds on their journey to start a new.

I now know that I will never be without a painting in my head they are every where I look. But some things are beyond the artist… some things have a grandeur that one should not try to emulate.

“These are the things that you only see once you start to see!”

What I hope to convey in my works is a need to explore and look for yourself. Colour…does not originate from flashing neon signs and television. Leave the shopping centres and commercial world behind every now and then… take the time to restore the energy in the soul and wonder at the beauty of the very fragile world we live in.

In recent years I have made several trips to France, which seems to have some sort of attraction to me, having painted in Provence at several workshops I have come to the conclusion that Australia has a clarity and colour brightness that is rarely seen in the home of the impressionists. This, obviously only comes from clear air and bright sunlight. Provence is a place that many artist through the ages have aspired to be, but as much as I love it’s intrigue an special beautiful… for me as a landscape artist it really is a poor second to the magnificent of the Australian outback.


Solo Exhibitions.

JAN.   1985  Kelsue Gallery. Bunbury.
JUL.   1986  Bracken Ridge Gallery. Roleystone.
SEP.   1988  Boyanup.
JUL.   1992  Jalindia Gallery. Bunbury.
MAR.   1993  Jalindia Gallery. Bunbury.
MAR.   1994  Jalindia Gallery. Bunbury.
MAR.   1996  Jalindia Gallery. Bunbury.
NOV.   1997  Jalindia Gallery. Bunbury.
OCT.   1998  Jalindia Gallery. Bunbury.
APR.   2001  Jalindia Gallery. Bunbury.
NOV.   2002  Jalindia Gallery. Bunbury.
SEP.   2003  Tempus Two Winery. Hunter Valley. N.S.W.
NOV.   2004  Kidogo Gallery. Fremantle. W.A.
SEP.   2005  Western Australian Maritime Museum .Fremantle. W.A.
SEP.   2006  Jalindia Orchard Gallery. Boyanup.
MAR.   2007  Jalindia Orchard Gallery. Boyanup.
FEB.   2008  Mandurah Preforming Arts Centre.
MAR.   2009  Jalindia Orchard Gallery. Boyanup.
Nov.   2010  Book Launch Exhibition …Bunbury Regional Art Galleries . Limited Edition Case bound… ISBN 987-0-646-53372-8
APR.   2012 ; Jalindia Orchard Gallery. Boyanup.

Awards & Features

OCT.   1986  Sponsors prize. Brunswick Show.
DEC.   1986  Art Purchase. South Perth School Exhibition.
OCT.   1987  Sponsors prize. Brunswick Show.
APR.   1989  Acquisition prize. Capel Fest Art Exhibition.
OCT.   1989  Sponsors prize. Brunswick Show.
MAR.   1990  Second Prize. P&O award. Bunbury Show.
SEP.   1990  Highly Commended, Perth Royal Show.
MAR.   1992  First Prize. P&O Award, Bunbury Show.
MAR.   1993  First Prize. P&O Award, Bunbury Show.
APR.   1993  Acquisition Prize. Capel Fest Art Exhibition.
JUL.   1994  Viewers Choice, South West Survey
     Bunbury Regional Art Galleries.

AUG.   1994  Auction artist, Bunbury Catholic College
OCT.   1994  Sponsors prize. Brunswick Show.
APR.   1995  Albany Shire prize.
AUG.   1995  Auction artist. Bunbury Catholic College.
APR.   1998  Albany Shire prize.
AUG.   1998  Auction Artist. Bunbury Catholic College
FEB.   1999  Perth Royal Mint Centenary Exhibition.
     Selected to Exhibit and purchased for
     Perth Royal Mint collection.

MAR.   2002  Apex Acquisition Prize.
      Armadale Kelmscott district Hospital.
FEB.   2005  Guest artist edition number 34
      National art magazine “Artist Palette”
OCT.   2005   Featured on ABC Television
      Stateline 30th October 2005.
APR.   2006  First Prize and Acquisition.
      Capel Art Fest Exhibition
FEB.   2010  Selected for South West Survey. 2010